Production Process

Honey Processing

MFPPARC processes Forest Honey collected from the forests of Madhya Pradesh. Multi floral Forest Honey is collected by the registered collectors, tested on spot by the test kit provided by MFPPARC. If the honey collected passes the standards set by MFPPARC. The honey is transported to this centre where it is processed and packed which is sold under the brand name of Vindhya Herbals.
Honey, is processed initially by sieve filtration, then, it is blended in batches for handling convenience and stored in stainless steel silos/containers or polystyrene lined cans for further processing. Honey is then subjected to purification by an automatic plant and further passed through high resolution filter-press. Then it is kept in stainless steel containers for at least 15 days before packaging so as to eliminate the presence of wax and air bubbles in traces. Before packaging, it is also subjected to UV exposure so as to eliminate any presence of microbial load in the same.
Minor Forest Produce (MFP) and honey is procured primarily through the District MFP Unions, which collects the raw material in a sustainable manner through the collectors of Primary Cooperative Societies spread all over the state. At times, this centre also encourages the procurement of MAP through local farmers/growers. The raw material brought to the centre is subjected to laboratory tests. If, all requirements of this centre are not fulfilled by these agencies then open tenders are invited from private parties/traders. The raw material samples are subjected to stringent laboratory tests before using the raw material for the processing.

Primary Processing

Grading, sorting and cleaning/washing of raw material are done as per requirements of the commodity in a hygienic condition. Raw material is dried by natural process or artificial means and stored in a warehouse for further use.

Secondary Processing

Herbal products are manufactured in various forms like powders, granules, capsule, extracts, oils and syrups etc. All norms of hygiene and Good Manufacturing Practice are followed. The entire process is undertaken under the strict vigil of Ayurvedacharyas (qualified and experienced Ayurvedic doctors) and at times samples are also collected randomly during various stages of processing and value-addition for laboratory tests.

Value-addition and product manufacturing

Only the desired herbal products which have been duly licensed are undertaken for manufacture by the traditional methodology like use of “Gajput bhatti” using traditional fuel-cow-dung cakes/fuel wood. In some medicinal formulations refining is carried out by pure cow-ghee, cow-urine etc.


The herbal products are duly packed in water proof edible quality polypropylene containers, mouth sealed with multi-layered aluminum foil, capped & then labeled as per prevalent drug rules and then shrink wrapped aesthetically to impart pilfer-proof, water-proff sheathing. The containers are then packed in virgin corrugated boxes, duly strapped and labeled.

Quality Assurance

Before the consignment of raw material reaches the centre it is duy subjected to all prescribed quality tests. During various operations of processing too, the samples are taken and subjected to laboratory tests. The various precautionary measures pertaining to hygiene and medical check-up of staff is also done at stipulated time intervals.