The State of Madhya Pradesh is endowed with a rich and varied expanse of natural resources. The abundant natural resources play an important role in fulfilling the livelihood needs of people dwelling in and around forests. Owing to ever increasing anthropogenic pressure, coupled with erratic exploitation regime, these resources are facing irreversible depletion. Madhya Pradesh Minor Forest Produce(Trading & Development) Co-operative Federation Ltd. is working to ensure that precious natural resources can be protected and harvested in sustainable manner.

To ensure village empowerment, to provide structure for medicinal plants processing and value addition, to provide quality raw material of medicinal and aromatic plants, and to impart technical and economical impetus, M.P.State Mandi Board along with M.P. State Minor Forest Produce Federation financed a project in the year 2002-2003 under which Minor Forest Produce Processing and Research Centre (MFP-PARC) has taken its shape at Barkheda Pathani, Bhopal. The programmes initialized are as under

  • Quality Control and Standardization for MAP (Medicinal & Aromatic Plants)
  • Developing Technology for Processing of MAP
  • Spreading awareness about MAP
  • Training for sustainable harvesting practices.
  • Marketing platform for MAP to Primary MFP Cooperative Society.
  • Testing quality of raw and processed MAP.

Vindhya Herbals is a brand name of products manufactured by MFPPARC. It is run by M.P. Forest Department officials and headed by CEO who is a senior IFS officer. It is an ISO 9001:2008, EMS 14001: 2004 & GMP Certified unit. It is among the eight pharmacies recognized by Government of India for supply of Ayurvedic drugs to the Ayush Department of different states. MFPPARC is a non-profit making organization.


Stimulate and strengthen the partnership between Government, Herbal Industries, Scientific community and collectors/farmers to protect, promote and project traditional herbal healthcare systems and products.


  • Developing better technology for primary processing, value addition and packaging of MAP & its products to help its farmers/collectors increase their income.
  • To provide facility of laboratory testing for MAP to farmers/cultivators and small processors at very reasonable charges
  • Spreading awareness of scientific harvesting techniques to the collectors of MAP.
  • Research and development in this sector.
  • Developing marketing-system for raw material of medicinal and aromatic plants.
  • To provide training facilities for harvesting, processing, value-addition etc. of MAP to all stake-holders.
  • Encouraging environment protection and spreading awareness about biodiversity conservation.


Quality Control and Standardization for MAPs

Research work and analysis of different active ingredients present in different medicinal & aromatic plants has been taken up. The awareness of quality parameters prevailing in the national and international market will be provided to the cultivators/collectors. Lab testing facilities have also been made available to general public.

Developing Technology for Processing of MAP

Farmers interested in agro-forestry. harvesting, primary processing, scientific extraction and marketing of MAP are being trained. In tribal areas, collectors of minor forest produce, members of primary co-operative societies and villagers are also being trained about bio-diversity conservation, primary processing and value addition.

Spreading Herbal Awareness about MAP

The knowledge of the medicinal plants farming and their harvesting and other aspects are being made available to students, farmers, small cultivators and people at large through herbarium, nursery etc. Training at the MFP-PARC is also being imparted to collectors so that herbal awareness reaches the masses.

Facilitating Marketing of Minor Forest Produce

Marketing facility of medicinal and aromatic plants’ raw material is being provided to collectors /farmers/ producers by inviting buyers and make them available an easy access for disposal of their harvest. On-line facility has also been provided so that in coming times, a proper system of business linkages of grower/ cultivators/ collectors, manufacturers, and producers is facilitated.

Buyer Seller Meet

MFPPARC organizes buyer seller meet annually during International Herbal Fair. Collectors & Primary Cooperative Society across M.P. state participate and showcase their quality raw material (MAP). Traders, manufactures along with MFPPARC enters into MoUs with Collectors & Societies after negotiating on the rates, quality, payment terms, period of delivery, etc. This meet provides a platform to Collectors and Societies to get better rates for their quality raw material. MFPPARC plans to organize such meet on regular basis and at national and international level.

Our Business

Government Supply

MFPPARC is one of the firm among 8 firms recognized by AYUSH Department (Department of Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homoeopathy). MFPPARC supplies Vindhya Herbals products through tender process to state AYUSH departments in different states of India namely Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, Pondicherry, Manipur & Jammu & Kashmir.

Retail Business

Vindhya Herbals products are distributed through a well established distribution channel which includes distributors, franchise, Sanjeevani Ayurveda Kendra and online portals like Distributors and franchise have been appointed in the states of Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra & New Delhi. Vindhya Herbals products are also available at Dilli Haat, Janakpuri, New Delhi. There are 27 “Sanjeevani Ayurveda Kendra” in different cities of Madhya Pradesh.